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Cannabis Bakehouse CBD Brownies

Cannabis Bakehouse CBD Brownies

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The CBD Brownies are good for soothing, calmness and rejuvenates bodily functions. They include joint movements, boost the immune system, heal discomforts, maintain concentration, improve the general mood and removal of body impurities in the system. Cannabis Bakehouse has the CBD brownies in different strengths based on the CBD levels. From 5mg all the way up to 15mg of CBD.

The sweet chocolate from the brownie takes away the original CBD taste and turns it into a tasty snack. The CBD Brownie from Cannabis Bakehouse has only CBD and contains no THC.

The brownies makes one energetic, boost their moods, make them relaxed and contributes to general happiness. There is also a certain degree of euphoria.

  • Zero THC

  • Contain CBD

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