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CBD+ Sport CBD Whey Protein 255mg 500g

CBD+ Sport CBD Whey Protein 255mg 500g

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When you finish a workout or on the go, refuelling and restoring your energy is crucial. Your body needs time to regenerate so you get all the benefits of your workout. Your body needs to repair, even when in between daily activities, at home or at work. With cannabinoids to support your endocannabinoid system, CBD Whey Protein from CBD+SPORT lets you maintain your active lifestyle without having to slow down.

Mix CBD Whey Protein from CBD+SPORT with water, milk or any other drink to create a delicious and protein-rich shake when you’re on the go or on a break. Used as a dietary protein, this product is most effective when taken after working out and between meals. Each serving contains 15 mg of CBD. You should not exceed the recommended dose since it will not improve results.

  • 500g

  • 255mg CBD

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