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Orange County CBD Active Heat Balm 2000mg 100ml

Orange County CBD Active Heat Balm 2000mg 100ml

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Orange County CBD Active Heat Balm 2000mg. Calling all boxers, runners, swimmers, tennis players, gym goers and dog walkers. With the right support for your muscles, staying active and doing the things you love gets a whole lot easier.

The warming sensation of our CBD heat balm helps to improve circulation and mobility, so you can say see-ya to soreness and stiffness. Whether you’ve been hunching over a laptop at the office all day, or you’ve got a huge sporting challenge ahead, Orange County can help get you ready to face it - and to bounce back afterwards.

With recovery-boosting ingredients and a powerful extract of our 2000mg strength CBD, give your joints and muscles the relief they’re asking for.

  • 2000mg CBD
  • 100ml
  • 100% Vegan
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